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Jobs - Texas

By Job Function
B2B Sales (45)
Business Development (41)
Capital Equipment (18)
Clinical Consultant (5)
Diagnostics (20)
Disposable Sales (11)
Distributor (21)
Durable Medical Equipment (2)
Entry Level Sales (8)
Equipment Sales (9)
Executive Management (6)
Government Accounts (4)
Independent Representative (24)
IT / Software (11)
Marketing (2)
Medical Device Sales (86)
Medical Services (16)
National Accounts (1)
Nurse (3)
Nursing Home (6)
Other function (4)
Pharmaceutical Sales (53)
Physical Therapist (PT) (1)
Sales (46)
Sales Management (19)
Sales Support (6)
Surgical Technologist (1)

By Specialty
Acute Care (18)
Allergy (4)
Ambulatory (2)
Anesthesia (1)
Anti Aging (4)
Arthritis (2)
Biomedical (1)
Cardiac (4)
Cardiology (9)
Cardiothoracic (1)
Cardiovascular (8)
Cath Labs (1)
Chemotherapy (2)
Cranial Maxiofacial (11)
Critical Care (8)
Critical Care/ICU/Telemetry Nurse (1)
Dental Clinics (2)
Dental Labs / OR (2)
Dermatology (15)
Diabetes (14)
Emergency Care (4)
Endocrinology (5)
Endoscopy (2)
ENT (6)
Extremity (Upper & Lower) (2)
Foot & Ankle (Ortho) (5)
Fusion (Spinal) (5)
General Surgery (13)
Generic Drugs (1)
GI (3)
Hand and Wrist (Extremity) (9)
Head & Neck (ENT) (4)
Heart Disease (4)
Implant (23)
Infection Disease (1)
Information Systems (Hospital) (2)
Internal Medicine (20)
Interventional Radiology (3)
IV Therapy (1)
Joint - Shoulder, Knee, Hip (12)
Knee Implant (5)
Labor Delivery (1)
Laparoscopic (4)
Lumbar Spinal (11)
Medical Device (33)
Microvascular (2)
Monitoring (1)
Neonatal (4)
Nerve Stimulator (8)
Neuro - Spine (19)
Neurological (13)
Neurologists (15)
Neuromodulation (2)
Neuroscience (5)
NICU (3)
Nursing (9)
Nursing: Other (1)
Oncology (4)
Oral Surgery (1)
Ortho (15)
Orthopedics (27)
Other specialty (22)
Pain Management (14)
Pathology (1)
Pediatrics (6)
Peripheral Disease (3)
Pharmacy (11)
Physical Therapy (3)
Plastic Surgery (11)
Podiatrist (17)
Registered Nurse (RN) (2)
Retinal (3)
Rheumatology (6)
Sleep Disorders (4)
Small Bone Orthopedics (3)
Spinal Implants (14)
Spinal Stimulator (1)
Sports Medicine (13)
Stem Cell (4)
Surgery O.R. (20)
Total Joints (16)
Trauma (6)
Ultrasound (1)
Urologist (3)
Vascular (9)
Wound Care (10)

Texas Medical Jobs

Position Location Job Code Post Date
Surgical Sales Support Specialist -Physical Therapist, Dallas, Frisco, TexasFrisco, TX35101/19/2015
Surgical Sales Support Specialist -Surgical Tech, Dallas, Frisco, TexasFrisco, TX35101/19/2015
Surgical Sales Support Specialist -RN, Dallas, Frisco, TexasFrisco, TX35101/19/2015
Surgical Sales Support Specialist - Dallas, Frisco, TexasFrisco, TX35101/19/2015
Enterprise Sales - HoustonHouston, TX34271/9/2015
Enterprise Sales - Dallas, Ft. WorthDallas, TX34271/9/2015
National Sales Manager, Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, Texas, USADallas, TX349912/31/2014
Clinical Sales Support Specialist R.N, - El Paso, TXEl Paso, TX349712/31/2014
Clinical Sales Support Specialist - El PasoEl Paso, TX349712/31/2014
Hospital Diagnostic Sales Representative - HoustonHouston, TX349512/22/2014
HOUSTON TX SURGICAL SALES SALES ASSOCHouston, TX230-2014121710434412/17/2014
DALLAS SURGICAL SALES SALES ASSOCDallas, TX230-2014121710371512/17/2014
Executive Vice President - Dallas/Ft. WorthDallas, TX348712/16/2014
Hospital Sales Representative - San AntonioSan Antonio, TX346212/5/2014
Hospital Sales Representative - HoustonHouston, TX346212/5/2014
Hospital Sales Representative - DallasDallas, TX346212/5/2014
Region Sales Manager - Hospital Communications, HoustonHouston, TX347612/5/2014
Region Sales Manager - Hospital Communications, Dallas, Ft. Worth, ArlingtonDallas, TX347612/5/2014
SURGICAL DEVICE EL PASO TXEl Paso, TX230-201412210225112/2/2014
Health and Wellness Sales Representative, Dallas- Ft. WorthDallas, TX346012/1/2014
Vice President of Marketing - Dallas/Ft. WorthDallas, TX346612/1/2014
Spine Sales RepSan Antonio, TX1269-2014102216523210/22/2014
Sales RepDallas, TX1269-2014102021443710/20/2014
REGIONAL SALES DIRECTORDallas, TX230-2014101412305210/14/2014
SURGICAL DEVICE DALLAS/ FORT WORTH TXDallas, TX230-201410710281910/7/2014
Independent Medical Sales Rep/Distributor Opportunity, AustinAustin, TX5251-20149251058469/25/2014
Independent Medical Sales Rep/Distributor Opportunity, San AntonioSan Antonio, TX5251-20149251055269/25/2014
Independent Medical Sales Rep Opportunity, HoustonHouston, TX5251-20149251039319/25/2014
Independent Medical Sales Rep Opportunity, DallasDallas, TX5251-20149251038579/25/2014
National Director of Sales, DallasDallas, TX33808/28/2014
Clinical Sales Representative-Dallas, Ft. Worth, TXDallas, TX31888/19/2014
Sales Counselor - HoustonHouston, TX33547/23/2014
Physician Clinic Sales - Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TexasDallas, TX33427/8/2014
Vascular Sales Representative - HoustonHouston, TX31407/3/2014
Vascular Sales Representative - DallasDallas, TX31407/3/2014
Physician Office Sales - Dallas, Ft. Worth, Arlington, TXDallas, TX33377/3/2014
National Director of Business Development-Dallas-Fort Worth, ArlingtonDallas, TX33446/27/2014
Physician Clinic Sales - Houston, TXHouston, TX32856/27/2014
Hospital Equipment & IT Sales- SW Texas- San Antonio, AustinSan Antonio, TX32956/27/2014
Hospital Equipment & IT Sales- Houston-Sugar Land-BaytownHouston, TX32966/27/2014
Hospital Equipment & IT Sales- Dallas-Ft. Worth-ArlingtonDallas, TX32976/27/2014
R.N.-Clinical Education Consultant- Dallas, TXDallas, TX33236/27/2014
R.N.-Clinical Education Consultant- DallasDallas, TX33236/27/2014
Physician Clinic Sales - South TexasSan Antonio, TX33266/27/2014
VP Enterprise Sales- Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TexasDallas, TX33166/26/2014
Medical Device Sales - Start UpDallas, TX1146-20145151113305/15/2014
Entry Level Dental SalesSouth Houston, TX2221-2014418149544/18/2014
Business Development Specialist-Hospice-Med Center and NE TerritorySan Antonio, TX4053-201441152184/1/2014
SURGICAL DEVICE SAN ANTONIO TX San Antonio, TX230-2014325722333/25/2014
Waco, TX-Pharmaceutical Sales RepresentativeWaco, TX484253/14/2014
Waco, TX-Pharmaceutical Sales RepresentativeWaco, TX242463/14/2014
El Paso, TX-Pharmaceutical Sales RepresentativeEl Paso, TX484993/13/2014
El Paso, TX-Hospital Sales RepresentativeEl Paso, TX481023/13/2014
El Paso, TX/Albuquerque, NM-Pharmaceutical Sales RepresentativeEl Paso, TX467293/13/2014
SURGICAL DEVICE OPENING IN DALLASDallas, TX230-20143111236293/11/2014
Wichita Falls, TX-Pharmaceutical Sales RepresentativeWichita Falls, TX484003/11/2014
San Antonio, TX- District ManagerSan Antonio, TX477613/6/2014
Dallas, TX- District ManagerDallas, TX477603/6/2014
South West Clinical Diabetes Educator Field ManagerDallas, TX479723/6/2014
Dallas/Ft.Worth, TX -Medical Sales SpecialistDallas, TX479423/5/2014
Dallas, TX-Women's Health Clinical SpecialistDallas, TX480133/5/2014
Dallas, TX- Specialty Sales RepresentativeDallas, TX487193/5/2014
Dallas, TX - Aesthetic Sales RepresentativesDallas, TX480803/5/2014
Dallas (South), TX-Pharmaceutical Sales RepresentativeDallas, TX484333/5/2014
Dallas (North), TX-Pharmaceutical Sales RepresentativeDallas, TX484293/5/2014
Corpus Christi, TX - Pharmaceutical Sales RepresentativeCrp Christi, TX483523/5/2014
Conroe/College Station, TX - Pharmaceutical Sales RepresentativeCollege Station, TX483413/5/2014
Beaumont, TX - Pharmaceutical Sales RepresentativeBeaumont, TX483423/5/2014
Austin/San Antonio, TX-Medical Sales SpecialistAustin, TX479413/5/2014
Austin/San Antonio, TX- Specialty Sales RepresentativeSan Antonio, TX487203/5/2014
Austin, TX-Pharmaceutical Sales RepresentativeAustin, TX484493/5/2014
Arlington, TX-Pharmaceutical Sales RepresentativeArlington, TX484063/5/2014
Spine Sales RepDenton, TX1269-20142281933402/28/2014
Spine Sales RepLubbock, TX1269-20142281932182/28/2014
Abilene, TX-Pharmaceutical Sales RepresentativeAbilene, TX484902/28/2014
Medical Sales Opportunity with Transdermal Pain/Scar/Wound Creams-TEXASDallas, TX2015-20142131725492/13/2014
Spine Sales RepSan Antonio, TX1269-20141311438261/31/2014
U.S EXPANSION SELLING COMPOUNDING CREAMS Austin, TX230-2014122958551/22/2014
U.S EXPANSION SELLING COMPOUNDING CREAMS San Antonio, TX230-2014122958211/22/2014
U.S EXPANSION SELLING COMPOUNDING CREAMS Houston, TX230-201412295711/22/2014
U.S EXPANSION SELLING COMPOUNDING CREAMS Dallas, TX230-2014122956111/22/2014
Area Manager (Spine)Houston, TX1269-20141211328311/21/2014
Independent Medical Sales Representative, AustinAustin, TX2240-2014161346301/6/2014
Independent Medical Sales Representative, San AntonioSan Antonio, TX2240-2014161343361/6/2014
Medical Sales Distributor Opportunity, HoustonHouston, TX2240-2014161331421/6/2014
Medical Sales Representative Seeking New Products and Services, DallasDallas, TX2240-2014161313441/6/2014
SAN ANTONIO TX INTERVENTIONAL/SPINESan Antonio, TX230-20131219974612/19/2013
DALLAS TX ONCOLOGY SPECIALISTSDallas, TX230-201312181274012/18/2013
Regional Business Manager - TexasDallas, TX387-201311121047611/12/2013
Regional Sales Manager - TexasDallas, TX387-2013111210461311/12/2013
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative - 7942Dallas, TX794210/17/2013
Medical Sales Representative - 7910Lubbock, TX791010/17/2013
ORTHOPEDIC SALES SAN ANTONIO TXSan Antonio, TX230-2013101613403510/16/2013
Spine Implant Sales ConsultantHouston, TXSpine-Houston9/29/2013
Pharmaceutical Medical Sales Job- West TexasFort Davis, TXPharma West Texas9/23/2013
Pharmaceutical Medical Sales Job- South San Antonio, TexasSan Antonio, TXPharma San Antonio TX9/23/2013
Pharmaceutical Medical Sales Job- Houston Southwest, TexasHouston, TXPharma Houston SW TX9/23/2013
Pharmaceutical Medical Sales Job- Houston Central, TexasHouston, TXPharma Houston Central TX9/23/2013
Pharmaceutical Medical Sales Job- Houston NE, TexasHouston, TXPharma Houston NE TX9/23/2013
Pharmaceutical Medical Sales Job- Corpus Christi, TexasCorpus Christi, TXPharma Corpus Christi TX9/23/2013
Pharmaceutical Medical Sales Job- Beaumont, TexasBeaumont, TXPharma Beaumont TX9/23/2013
Pharmaceutical Medical Sales Job- Waco, TexasWaco, TXPharma Waco TX9/23/2013
Pharmaceutical Medical Sales Job- Tyler, TexasTyler, TXPharma Tyler TX9/23/2013
Pharmaceutical Medical Sales Job- Fort Worth W, TexasFort Worth, TXPharma Fort Worth TX9/23/2013
Pharmaceutical Medical Sales Job- Dallas South, TexasDallas, TXPharma S. Dallas TX9/23/2013
Pharmaceutical Medical Sales Job- Dallas NW, TexasDallas, TXPharma NW Dallas TX9/23/2013
Pharmaceutical Medical Sales Job- Dallas East, TexasDallas, TXPharma East Dallas TX9/23/2013
Pharmaceutical Medical Sales Job- Abilene, TexasAbilene, TXPharma Abiline TX9/23/2013
DALLAS TX ONCOLOGY SALES Dallas, TX230-20139161620389/16/2013
HOUSTON SURGICAL DEVICE SALESHouston, TX230-2013911140179/11/2013
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative- Richardson/Garland TexasRichardson, TX1619-2013971634179/7/2013
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative- Corpus Christi , TexasCorpus Christi, TX1619-2013971628399/7/2013
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative- South Austin, TexasAustin, TX1619-2013971627159/7/2013
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative- Dallas, TXDallas, TX1619-2013971624549/7/2013
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative- Lufkin, TXLufkin, TX1619-2013971556369/7/2013
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative- Conroe, TXConroe, TX1619-2013971355539/7/2013
Independent Medical Sales Job Austin, TXAustin, TX1618-2013971232249/7/2013
Independent Rep Distributor Medical Sales Job Dallas, TXDallas, TX1619-2013962057459/6/2013
Independent Medical Sales Job San Antonio, TXSan Antonio, TX1618-201396192429/6/2013
Independent Medical Sales Jobs Houston, TXHouston, TX1618-201396192209/6/2013
Independent Sales Represenative and Distributors Dallas, TXDallas, TX1618-2013961912189/6/2013
Territory Sales Manager-AustinAustin, TXAustin9/6/2013
Territory Manager/Houston-EastHouston, TXtx108/30/2013
ORTHOPEDIC SALES DALAS TX Dallas, TX230-20138281028418/28/2013
Senior Sales Rep / Distributor, TXSan Antonio, TXTDPC-09-2013-Rx8/26/2013
Regional Capital Sales - NeurosurgeryDallas, TX1514-2013822111598/22/2013
Regional Capital Sales - NeurosurgeryHouston, TX1514-20138221033188/22/2013
Pharmaceutical, Specialty sales repCarrollton, TXDallas Rep8/19/2013
Pharmaceutical, Specialty sales repLubbock, TXLubbock Rep8/19/2013
Seasoned Independent Medical Device or Pharma RepHouston, TX1478-2013815196328/15/2013
Seasoned Independent Medical Device or Pharma RepFrisco, TX1478-2013815190358/15/2013
Tissue Regeneration Specialist-BiotechnologyDallas, TXWound Care7/14/2013
Capital Equipment Sales-DermatologyHouston, TXAesthetics 7/13/2013
Capital Equipment Sales-DermatologySan Antonio, TXAesthetics 7/13/2013
Medical Sales Representative - 7769San Antonio, TX261-20137111617247/11/2013
Medical Sales Representative - 7830Dallas, TX261-2013626942586/26/2013
Medical Sales Representative - 7568Houston, TX261-2013625145256/25/2013
Specialty sales GastroenterologyHouston, TX1103-201366118496/6/2013
Medical Device Sales OrthopedicHouston, TX807-2013642217346/4/2013
Medical Sales Representative - 7815Houston, TX261-2013521201095/21/2013
Medical Sales Representative - 7732Houston, TX261-2013521924305/21/2013
Dental Sales Representative - 7814Houston, TX261-2013521916295/21/2013
Medical Sales Representative - 7794Dallas, TX261-20134191432484/19/2013
POINT OF CARE SALES San Antonio, TX230-20134181042504/18/2013
Medical Device Sales SPINEHouston, TX807-2013416202444/16/2013
Pharmaceutical Sales RepresentativeRichardson, TX807-20134161954554/16/2013
HOUSTON, TX Medical Sales RepresentativeHouston, TX890-2013410175144/10/2013
Territory Manager - Western TexasPlainview, TX809-2013491332184/9/2013
NEURO SALES REP AUSTIN TXSan Antonio, TX230-2013451330394/5/2013
NEURO SALES REP SAN ANTONIOSan Antonio, TX230-2013328222413/28/2013
Territory Manager - HoustonHouston, TX809-20133281546463/28/2013
Medical Sales Rep (to Hospitals)Houston, TX804-2013327137123/27/2013
Medical Sales Representative - 7769San Antonio, TX261-2013326168483/26/2013
Independent Sales RepresentativeHouston, TX775-20133191858353/19/2013
Independent Sales RepresentatveDallas, TX775-20133191850443/19/2013
Medical Sales Representative - 7755Dallas, TX261-2013319186523/19/2013
Medical Sales Manager - 7723Dallas, TX261-20132201729282/20/2013
Spine SpecialistsHouston, TX230-2013271637292/7/2013
Plastic Recon Sales Rep-1099 Dallas, TX454-20131311358101/31/2013
Plastic Recon Sales Rep-1099 Dallas, TX454-20131311356241/31/2013