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Assessment Tests

Almost 80% of marketing and sales companies utilize assessment testing, but don’t utilize them to their fullest potential.

However, job benchmarking remains the best way to hire employees (79% accurate) vs. resume etc.

Typical assessment tests offer only scores. MedMasters utilizes tools that provide complete narratives on how the candidate assessment test score compared with the benchmarking group and a management protocol that will effectively tell you how to manage this person based on the candidates’ overall fit with your organization.

To better quantify an overall fit decision you can choose from the following assessment tools geared towards developing customized employee assessment reports.


Sample Assessment Reports



Pre-Employment Testing

The pre-employment assessment utilized by MedMasters includes three levels to assist hiring managers in the employee selection process.

When compared to your benchmark each compares how well the candidate’s assessment score matches established index parameters (related to the open position’s Performance Profile).

MedMasters pre-employment testing gives you access to a wealth of information on your candidate pool and goes deeper than any resume.

You’ll gain an exposure to behaviors, values and motivations of each prospective candidate so that you can make a better informed hiring decision. The ability to determine the overall fit of the candidate makes MedMasters assessment a critical part of your hiring process.

Candidate reports from the pre-employment testing are generated instantly. Once a job candidate completes the online behavioral questionnaire it can be sent to your private email or MedMail account.

Our system compares the candidate's key attributes against the position’s benchmarked performance profile to develop a comprehensive employment assessment report and developmental information you need to improve employee performance.

Post Employment Developmental Testing Tools

To take the effectiveness of your sales force one step further, MedMasters has a personal improvement process that immediately identifies ingrained habits that can limit maximum performance.

Once identified each individual has the opportunity to spend 15 – 20 minutes a day (for one month) that help eradicate the counterproductive habits. New success and higher levels of performance are right around the corner!


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