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To increase the level of performance in your organization, you can:

  1. Identify the best candidates in the medical industry
  2. Benchmark your top performers
  3. Manage and develop them to their potential
  4. Retain them well beyond the 28 month average

So how do smart companies actually select and hire the right people for the right job? They follow a proven four-step process that helps you measure human performance against the key accountabilities of your jobs and hire the right people to match those accountabilities.

As an integral part of our clients' employment retention strategy, MedMasters utilizes TriMetrix™, which provides of proven, highly-customizable Management and Development modules to help you understand, communicate, coach and develop your employees.

All programs are designed to be used by a supervisor and employee. These modules revolve around a structured process for enhancing existing strengths and improving on possible disconnects between management and the employee.

The insight gleaned from TriMetrix™ (during the selection process) is leveraged into each development module making it effective for employee retention. Only through our proprietary management and developmental processes can an organization expect to maximize retention.

Many companies have used TriMetrix™ exclusively to retain and develop their superstars. The approach is similar to that of pre-employment selection: we use assessment results to compare the behavioral attributes of your candidates against the appropriate benchmark of your elite performers.

We then generate simple insights and specific action plans to maximize each individual’s strengths. Effective employee management processes and development equals improved performance and better retention.

Identify the Best Candidates

When you utilize the MedMasters Candidate search tool you will identify the most experienced and qualified candidates based on your specific criteria within the medical industry.

Benchmark your Top Performers

Required skills, styles and talent attributes can be empirically benchmarked.

MedMasters utilizes the TriMetrix™ Job system which scientifically defines specific-consider needs of the job. Once measured, you can compare them to the candidates behavior (how they will do the job), motivation styles (why they will find fulfillment doing the job), personal skills and attributes (will they do it and what are they capable of doing).

These key job accountabilities are determined through a 55-factor analysis, giving you an unbiased assessment of the specific talent required for a specific job.

No longer will you hire the wrong person for a critical position. You can now duplicate your best performers, reduce employee turnover and improve productivity so your whole team benefits.


Using broad-brush approaches to managing employees often stifles creativity and performance. Individualized approaches for each employee provide the best tools for effective management.

It’s simple to do if you know how to:

  1. Describe (in their language) the objectives,?
  2. Express the objective clearly (within their value parameters),
  3. Specify the results (based on their motivators) and
  4. Clarify how their efforts help the team achieve its collective mission encouraging both a sense of collaboration and a desire for excellence.


Most knowledge management systems within corporations focus purely on professional skills. However, current surveys from the University of Continuing Education indicate that the #1 incentive for today’s employee is to progress professionally as well as personally.

At MedMasters we measure both professional and personal motivations and values so you can immediately identify how each individual wants to progress. When you satisfy their motivations you maximize their potential and capacity for success regardless of their position.

Companies from multiple industries have used this system to coach their employees to deliver more sales, better customer service, and higher profits.

When every employee gets the chance to improve performance and develop into a maximum producer, a valuable team player, and a "promotable" entity, you maximize their job satisfaction and YOUR ROI.

Until now finding an employee development program that is customized to every individual has been a near impossible task. MedMasters utilizes the TriMetrix™ employee development tool which probes deeply into each candidate’s competencies providing you with a clear developmental plan for each employee.

These behavioral details, which were so critical during the hiring process, now serve as the roadmap in providing management with specific direction and content for employee development programs and goal-setting initiatives.

What this means is you will now have a simple, turnkey action plan tailored to each employee. At the same time, the assessment reports provide an instant overview of every employee's strengths, areas for improvement and management strategies tailored to that specific person.

MedMasters can also provide you with built-in, easy-to-implement coaching expertise.

Click here to contact a MedMasters consultant to find out how MedMasters program can help you develop employees within your organization. (Take user to contact us page to enter information with a subject line of Assessment Information)


The best sales talent will only stick around if their values match an organization’s mission statement and they feel there is a customized personal development plan for their future. As a leader you can guarantee, BEFORE the person moves into their new sales role, there is a career path that is easy to understand and attain as they grow personally and professionally. This plays a major role in employee retention.

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