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Improve Employee Retention and Job Performance

With MedMasters, the selection, management and retention of employees has never been easier or more cost-effective. From the first day the employee assessments are implemented, your company can:


Identify the success traits of your top performers then duplicate them by using our online employee assessment testing.

  • Objectively define & quantify the key attributes of your top performers.
  • Stop relying on relying “gut feel” hiring by setting a benchmark that removes the guesswork.
  • Use the benchmarks to manage the future performance of your sales professionals.


All but eliminate employee turnover by hiring the right candidates

  • Effectively sort through dozens of candidates to find the one who matches your job requirements. Then drill down and match them with your top performers.
  • Eliminate turnover by separating high-potential candidates from high-risk candidates by measuring motivation (90+% accuracy)
  • Improve future performance results and employee retention by focusing on the best benchmarked candidate initially then assessing their ability to do (and grow in) the job. You do this by measuring their character, competence, chemistry and capacity.
  • Retain the top performers by managing any weaknesses they might have and developing their strengths.


Make sure your employees perform to their maximum potential

  • Empower managers to provide high-impact mentoring with Dr. Coker’s step-by-step management guide for each new hire.
  • Help even your top performers minimize their weaknesses through our personal improvement series.
  • Implement development programs customized for every employee based on their individual performance and motivation profile.
  • Use state of the art assessment tests (direct them to the sample assessment reports) to accurately match the right management approach to accelerate performance.


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