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Promote yourself in our medical community network - stay in the loop and manage your career more effectively.

Use our tools to promote yourself more effectively... advertise your needs and better convey your strengths and enthusiasm... and be recognized for your accomplishments.

Elevate your profile in the medical community - with MedMasters.

Whether you're needing to streamline your communication channels, open to new business opportunities or actively seeking a career change, MedMasters will help you connect and communicate with the decision makers who need what you have - and those can best advance your career.


MedMasters combines the effectiveness of professional networking sites with that of traditional job boards while providing you with your own custom privacy settings. Take advantage of the career networking capabilities that set us apart. Join today to participate.


Access the country's top recruiters. Contact and communicate with the industry's leading medical recruiters... and file them for future reference.
Display recommendations and referrals. Easily contact past clients, managers, colleagues, and business associates for personal recommendations to go on your profile.
Benefit from expert personality assessments. Utilize our assessments to gauge and hire your personnel or if you are looking for a new opportunity, impress potential employers with the results of our free benchmarking assessments, (even if you lack experience in the medical field).
Star in a standout video profile. Create a short personal video that showcases (and distinguishes) your trade, capabilities, and skills.
Network and connect with a click. Build your network of MedMasters contacts, then categorize them for targeted outreach to various segments.
Maintain your privacy and control your data. You can make information accessible only by request.
Get real-time notifications of the latest opportunities. Be immediately alerted (via your mobile device or email) when a job or lead is posted matching your ideal criteria.
Communicate faster through MedMail. Our communication capabilities give you direct contact with the MedMasters community.
Become more marketable through Med Connect. Increase your "noteworthiness" by expanding your profile with more recommendations and career accomplishments.


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