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Get the connections you need to represent more qualified candidates, gain more placements and earn more money -- fast.

Finally. One website RECRUITERS can use to network with targeted medical professionals - search and post unlimited numbers of jobs - advertise your credentials - and gain more clients. All in a fraction of the time it normally takes you to be great at what you do.

Put our medical community network to work for you.

Unlike job boards, MedMasters uses social media networking tools to expand your efficiency and visibility. This makes it easier than ever to connect and communicate with job seekers and employers -- lots and lots of them -- who are driven to excel.


MedMasters is multifunctional. You'll have an entire wish list of cost-effective capabilities that streamline practically every task in your workday (or night). At the same time, more people will have an easier way to contact you.


Post and track unlimited jobs. Create as many postings as you like, then manage mountains of responses using our dashboard.
MPC Sponsorships. Sponsor and leverage you most placeable candidates by advertising them to other recruiters.
MedMatch Intelligent System. Let MedMasters do the searching for you. Receive INSTANT notifications when the perfect candidate matches your job requirements.
Search unlimited candidates for specific positions. Use our keyword feature to find ideal candidates fast -- or use parameters such as specialty, location, job function or other descriptors.
Increase your visibility. Get your name, accomplishments and the benefits you offer in front of the people who most need your expertise.
Tag, file, save tons of time. Access your database of candidates (complete with your notes) by specialty, function, location or other keyword.
See candidates in action. Potential candidates can star in their own video resumes. And you can see how they might perform in an interview.
Communicate faster through MedMail Our communication capabilities allow access to the MedMasters community, right at your fingertips.
"Shout Out" to others using our broadcast system. Instantly interact by sending a quick message to selected MedMasters members or subsets based on your search criteria.
Get third-party feedback. Our Star Ratings and Recommendations System gives you -- and your all-important clients -- a solid feel for what others think about your candidate.
Benefit from expert personality assessments. Our free benchmarking assessments can evaluate your candidate's mindset, behavioral patterns and commitment to achieving professional goals.
Use our Assessment Center tools. Medical businesses are seeking better ways to secure a higher level of productivity, performance and profitability from their investment in Human Capital.
Beat the clock -- and competitors. When you post a job, we immediately send the listing to all candidates matching your requirements -- a huge time saver.
Easily give candidates instant updates. With just a couple of quick mouse clicks, you can advise them if they are/not in the running.




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