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The right talent in today's complex knowledge-based job market has never been more critical to an organization's bottom line—or more difficult to obtain.

After working in the medical field for a combined 25 years, noticing the difficulty of finding, matching, developing and maintaining good staff over the long term, we decided to develop a tool that goes beyond the standard job board.

We wanted a comprehensive tool that would enable employers to identify and match behavioral skill sets, manage the process—and ultimately help retain good people and save the costs associated with rehires.

MedMasters is the result of that vision and effort.

Because let’s face the facts…

Medical businesses are seeking better ways to secure a higher level of productivity, performance and profitability from their investment in Human Capital.


Employee turnover costs have exploded!

In fact, many medical companies have not calculated the total costs of employee turnover—a major cause of which is hiring the wrong talent for the job.

Costs are compounded when productivity decreases, which in turn often leads to lost customers and a reduction in customer service.

In addition to employee turnover costs, there are increased costs for training and development. Not to mention a loss of productivity, while new employees are brought up to speed.

Clearly, it’s time to implement a better talent recruitment method and more effective retention and development strategies - and that's where MedMasters can help. We provide you with innovative methods to benchmark jobs and match talent so you can start hitting the "hiring mark" with an unusually high degree of accuracy.

Our methods are based on 40 years of data and research, which have been proven to help you proactively optimize the investment in your employees.

You can achieve greater than 90% retention accuracy when you invest in hiring, managing, developing and retaining each person on your payroll regardless of your company’s size or budget. Implement these processes and watch your productivity, performance and bottom line grow at a double-digit rate.

Our proven systems help a wide variety of companies achieve their employee retention goals while maximizing performance. These Human Resources solutions are proven, measurable, and easy to use.


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