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Human Capital Challenges

Productivity today invariably equates to identifying the right type of candidate, hiring the best one and then managing each person effectively by developing career plans to minimize turnover.

Each of these challenges are difficult to address without specific tools designed to meet the needs of the hiring manager.

MedMasters provides these tools—with online access, cutting-edge automation, proven science, and rich content—giving clients the capabilities to manage these major areas.

The system works for you 24/7, on time all the time, making extensive, detailed reporting available when you need it.


Identifying the right candidates

MedMasters brings you the right candidates that are specific to your search criteria based on background, industry, call point and job function.

You are able to review their resume, recommendations, references, job reviews and basic personality profile AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

This search feature saves you time by giving you a starting point to initiate your search based on a candidate's experience and success.


Hiring the right candidates

After utilizing MedMasters’ search feature (based on industry or job function), you can compare their assessment profile to your top performers benchmark performance matrix. This will dramatically increase your chances of hiring the best person for the job.


Manage your Hired Candidates

Utilize individualized, proven tools for effective management for each new hire. Access the TriMetrix™ management tool to:

  1. Describe the objectives in a language that they understand;
  2. Express the objectives clearly within their value parameters;
  3. Specify the results based on their motivators; and
  4. Clarify how their efforts help the team achieve its collective mission encouraging a sense of collaborative and competitive desire for excellence.


Developing your New Hire

Employee development is one of the most difficult challenges faced by leaders. When every employee gets the chance to improve performance and develop their potential, they become a valuable team player, and a "promotable" entity. You have maximize not only YOUR ROI, but THEIR job satisfaction

MedMasters delivers the perfect system for comprehensive candidate-specific content. Our program isolates the exact developmental areas of opportunity. To generate the greatest positive impact on employee production, satisfaction, and the “promotability” factor, managers can use the MedMasters Development module as an important resource for regular employee discussions.

Further, the development section will help you utilize MedMasters’ assessment results to measure the motivations and values of the new hire. This helps you identify how your new employee wants to develop and progress within their specialty.

This proven strategy will identify how their chemistry fits into your organization and their capacity for future development. When you satisfy their motivations, you maximize their potential and capacity for success.


Retaining your New Hire

When you have successfully identified and managed them based on their motivations and values you are more likely to retain your best performers.

The best talent will only stick around if their values match an organization’s mission statement and they feel there is a customized personal development plan for their future according to a recent Marketing Sherpa survey.

Click here to contact one of our consultants to discuss how MedMasters can help you develop new employees within your organization.



Corporate productivity is dependent on the performance of your people. Clients who consistently use our proprietary performance process find that those coached regularly outpace other employee groups by substantial margins.

Recent comparisons of on-the-job activities of “Recommended” hires versus “Not Recommended” or “Not Assessed” hires reflect performance upgrades of up to 74% per employee.

When you apply performance increases of that magnitude to your sales force, management team and customer service team, it’s a mathematical fact that using the MedMasters hiring tools can help generate additional bottom line revenue.


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