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General Questions

MedMasters is an online medical community where healthcare professionals and vendors can join, collaborate, seek job opportunities, build new relationships and advertise their expertise and services.

MedMasters is a comprehensive Medical Professional network that can be used to connect with other medical professionals such as peers, sales professionals, hiring managers, recruiters, physicians, nurses, clinicians and other healthcare professionals. You can join to build your network, connect, share ideas and socialize; or if you are in search of a job, you can upgrade your account to take advantage of job search and alert features. MedMasters combines the best features of professional social networking with those of a traditional job boards.

Your membership will remain active until you request for your account to be deleted. If you would like to delete your account permanently then send us a request by clicking “Contact Us” at the bottom of your home screen.

You can cancel your premium package by clicking "Premium Packages" on the toolbar. Find the premium package you purchased and click “Remove”. This will cancel your premium package. Your premium package and all of its features will cancel immediately and you will no longer be billed.

If you would like to delete your account permanently then send us a message by clicking “Contact Us” at the bottom of your home screen.

Please send a message requesting an email change via our “Contact Us” link and we will change your email address.

After logging in to the site, click the "Change Password" link on your home page located next to your picture. Your password change will take effect immediately.

MedMail is MedMaster's "In Mail" system that allows you to communicate with other community members. Click the MedMail tab on the toolbar to manage your MedMail. You can send a member a MedMail message by viewing the members profile page and clicking “Send MedMail” located under that member’s name and beside their picture. You can manage which MedMail messages get forwarded to your email address by adjusting your email notification settings. To change your email settings click “Edit Profile” on your homepage (next to your picture) and scroll down to change your email preferences.

Click “Edit Profile”(Next to your picture) and scroll down to change your email preferences. You have the option to uncheck your email preferences such as “Copy of MedMail Messages”, “MedConnect Requests” and “MedMatch Job Alerts”.

Click the Log On button, then enter the e-mail address associated with your membership profile then click "forgot password" beneath the login button. A temporary password will be sent via e-mail immediately. Once you login with your temporary password then click the “Change Password” link on your home page located next to your picture. Your password change will take effect immediately.

MedConnect is MedMasters Social Hub. Clicking “MedConnect” on your toolbar will bring you to your social page. Here you can search other members by name, connect with them, ask questions or share your mind with your connections.

To connect with others simply view a members Profile Page and invite them to connect by clicking “MedConnect” button located next to their profile picture.

Only available to members who have purchased the Job Seeker Premium Package, Employer Premium Package or Recruiter Premium Package. MedMatch is MedMasters proprietary matching feature which automatically matches a professional’s skill sets with the job requirements of a job posting. When a job poster advertises a job and a member’s skill sets match the job requirements, the member’s profile will be delivered as a match to the job opening. When there is a match, the member’s profile will display in the job posters MedMatch results for that specific job. A member should be sure to accurately mark allJob Functions and Specialties when setting up their profile. Additionally, members who accurately display their job functions, specialties and uploaded resume will appear in job advertiser’s MedMatch results for any matching job.

It's a tool where a job advertiser can broadcast messages to multiple users based on search results. For example, if you search for a member based on specialty or job function and more than one member appears who you are interested in, you can select two or more of those candidates and send a broadcast MedMail to them. You can also send a message to multiple recruiters advertising a (MPC) using this feature.

"My Tags" is a filing system used for quick recall of a certain type of profile. It is used to file a member’s profile for future reference. When viewing someone's profile you can tag them based on their membership type, specialties, job functions, service points or location. For example, if you were to view a physician who listed orthopedics as his specialty you could tag him as an orthopedic physician. He would then be listed inyour "My Tags" database as an orthopedic physician.

You can search members by name, member type, job function, job specialty, and location. Simply click “Search Members” located on your toolbar. You can also search for members by name clicking “Search Members” at the top tool bar, then clicking “Search by Name”.

Only available to members who have purchased the Employer Premium Package or Recruiter Premium Package. Click “Search Members” on your tool bar. Passive and Active candidates will appear. You can then narrow your search by entering a location, specialties, job functions and call point. You can narrow you search further by performing a resume key word search which will narrow your search to those have posted a resume containing the key word(s) you entered.

Yes, our premium package gives you access to recruiter members who utilize MedMasters to source their candidates and post jobs. Premium Packages allow you to view, connect and contact recruiters by using our MedMail system.

Coming Soon MedMasters gives you the ability to search for medical products and direct you to the representative of those products. You will then be able to contact and tag vendors who carry the products you need.

Our Premium Packages give you the opportunity to search open jobs. You must purchase a Premium Package to view details of any job posting.

Click “Search Jobs” based on job type, location, job function or specialty and you will see the resulting job openings appear. To save this search and receive email alerts for future job openings that match this search, click “Save MedMatch Settings”. This saved search will appear on your Home Page under “MedMatch Alert Settings”. You can save different types of job searches based on the different search criteria you choose. If you would like to save your searches but don’t want email alerts for them then click “Edit Profile”(Next to your picture) and scroll down to change your email preferences. Uncheck “MedMatch Alerts”.

Click “Edit Profile” (Next to your picture) and scroll down to change your email preferences. Make sure the “MedMatch Alerts” is unchecked

Only available to members who have purchased the Employer Premium Package or Recruiter Premium Package. Click “Post Job” on the tool bar and this will bring you to your Jobspage where you can post and track your job postings. Your Jobs page allows you to track applicants, view MedMatch results, copy your job to another territory, edit, and archive your job postings.

MedMasters Job postings are picked up by all major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Additionally your job postings will provide you with MedMatch candidate results which consist of current members and new members who join the site and where their job specialties, specialties, and resume keywords match your requirements. You can view MedMatch results on your Jobs page for each job you post.

Recruiters and Employers may post an unlimited number of jobs as long as each position represents a legitimate, current opportunity. Posting jobs that do not exist will result in the immediate cancellation of your membership. Medmasters.com reserves the right to delete any job posting that we determine does not fit the focus of this website.

Immediately.Once your job is posted, job alerts are sent to members who have saved searches that match jobs they are looking for.

All jobs remain active until removed by the job poster. When you remove your job you can elect to delete the job or move it from your active jobs to your archived jobs folder. Your archived jobs will no longer be viewable by community members.

Click the "Post Job" menu button to view your Current Jobs List and then select "Edit" next to the specific job you want to update. Make your changes and click the "Update Job" button to save your changes, which take effect immediately.

Click the "Post Job" toolbar button to view your current job listings then select the "Copy" link next to the specific job you want to duplicate. A duplicate job form will be displayed. You will then need to change the zip code to reflect the new territory. Be sure to also change your job title if it includes the location. Then click "save changes" button to save your new posting. Repeat as many times as needed for each location.

Click the "My Jobs" tab on your toolbar to view your Current Jobs List and then select "Delete" next to the specific job you want to remove. You will then be prompted to confirm your choice before permanently deleting the job from the Medmasters.com database. As a precaution against errors, you may only delete one job at a time.

When searching for a medical professional or candidate you can enter a resume key word(s) and those candidates with resumes containing those key words will appear.

Other Questions

We specialize in industry specific candidates (giving you breadth). We provide you with the tools that give you the ability to predict if the candidate can do the job (depth). Additionally we provide you with a development plan to help you retain your employees.

We provide you with industry specific, high-quality candidates. Our assessment benchmarking tools provide you with behavioral and cultural matches ensuring you always hire the best person for the job. Plus, we supply you with proven management and development systems to help you develop and retain your high performing employees.

We have dozens of Case Studies inside large world-class companies based on tens of thousands of employee data points that prove that we reduce turnover and increase performance. . Upon request we will forward you copies of these studies that illustrate savings up to $500,000 in the first 90 days!

MedMasters utilizes a fee for test model for each administered profile or we can customize a comprehensive licensing fee for our services. Click here pricing details.

Assessment tools offered by MedMasters are a pro-active way to address turnover by helping identify the candidate who is the best fit for the position every time. Great fits are highly correlated with low turnover – and a sound management and development plan customized for each new hire reduces turnover.

Yes, MedMasters helps managers identify those candidates with the same behaviors, attributes and values as their current top performing employees. On top of that, we will help you determine which characteristics are “knock out” factors during the hiring process. MedMasters can demonstrate empirically that top performers share unique behavioral traits among themselves. Uncovering these unique traits and then helping companies evaluate candidates to find those who share these unique characteristics are the foundation of our proven technology.

There are hundreds of validation studies for each of the various assessment studies. Each of our assessments has been screened for EEOC compliance and are subject to critical validation studies. In addition, our on-staff psychologist also holds a designation as Senior Professional in Human Resources, insuring that those kinds of mistakes don’t ever happen. MedMasters utilizes valid science that adheres to the most stringent principals of industrial psychology to ensure consistency in a non-biased hiring process. MedMasters custom performance profiles when used consistently will actually add a layer of protection to the hiring process from a legal defensibility prospective. Our methods of study and validation strategies are constructed in accord with the Society of Industrial Organization Psychologists Validation Principles, The American Psychological Associations Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing, and the EEOC Guidelines.

The priority of recruiters and hiring managers is to identify the top talent quickly and early. Recruiters and hiring managers can utilize the MedMasters’ candidate search tool to identify more candidates that are more specific to your job requirements. You are then able to narrow down this list by assessing all candidates at the front of the process, thus decrease the time and cost of hiring the top performers. MedMasters’ clients view the assessment process as an important filtering widget, narrowing the pool by identifying those candidates who ultimately will be the best match for the position.

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